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You are interested in these cute and genuine scottish terriers?
You want to learn more about nature, characteristics and origin of the cairns?


Nike DK 08     DSCN1822


Here we have put together some interesting, important and hopefully usefull information about cairn terriers.
If you have further questions, send us an e-mail. We will answer with pleasure.


From time to time we have puppies for careful and loving people. The puppies are socialized well, because they grow up in the house very close to us and from the first day on they learn everything they need for life in their new families.


If you are interested in a puppy, send us an e-mail or give us a call arranging to come and see us.
And by the way, our dogs are quite tough, but they are no Kern-Terriers. Kern is the german word for core, pit or gist. But cairn is the gaelic word for a field marker made of stones, that in former times helped people to find their way.


And one more thing… from the C-litter our Collin was the first to move. Just a few days later this little rascal had his own homepage. Respect! What the little furry guy goes through at Northeim and how it works educating his new family,
you can find HERE. And he is on Facebook.


Lots of fun surfing our site.


Ulrike und Ralf Schönhoff



The  skoningards are members of the Klub für Terrier von 1894 e.V. and follow the rules of breeding of the KfT / VDH / FCI.